Bon Voyage Crystal Kit
Bon Voyage Crystal Kit

Bon Voyage Crystal Kit


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Safe travels until we meet again...
  1. Amethyst - does wonders for stress and anxiety, both things that can come up when travelling to new, foreign destinations. It’s also said to ward off negative energy and is a great sleep aid.
  2. Tiger Eye -  Is the perfect companion on any trip as it reminds you of your mindfulness. By focusing on being mindful you’ll easily be able to enjoy more and focus on what’s important, living in the moment
  3. Rhodonite - The crystal can alleviate anxiety and allow users to open their hearts to new experiences.
  4. Moonstone - Bring good fortune to the user, lift their spirits, and even ward off feelings of homesickness.
  5. Malachite - If you’re fearful when flying, suffer from vertigo or have a deep-seated dread of congested highways, Malachite’s protective nature will calm you and surround you with loving energy



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