6 Smart Ways You Can Keep Your Hair Healthy this Winter

6 Smart Ways You Can Keep Your Hair Healthy this Winter

Every year, winter wages war on hair care regimens word-wide. As temperatures drop, so too does the motivation to maintain silky-smooth and flowing locks. There are only so many times you can face dull, lifeless, and lank locks in the mirror before you just stop looking.

Now and then, when we’re not lamenting our consecutive bad hair days, the question might arise:

“What does Winter have against my hair?”

The is answer is simple and underpins the same reason that skin tends to dry out in winter. The frigid outside air cannot hold moisture which results in plummeting humidity levels. With the aim of returning to equilibrium, the air snatches moisture from wherever it can (notably your hair.)

However, it’s never enough. No matter how much moisture our skin or hair may contain, the freezing winter air keeps gulping it down. Coincidingly to a drop in temperature are blustery winds that blow in multiple directions. Newly dried locks caught in the freezing crosswinds are a recipe for breakages, frizz, and many other hair nightmares.

What are the symptoms of winter hair?

Over time, your hair is robbed of the moisture it needs to bend and stretch without snapping. Essentially, your locks become rigid, making you susceptible to a slew of hair and scalp issues.

To name a few:

  • Split ends
  • Static
  • Dandruff
  • Dullness
  • Uncontrollable Tangles 
  • Frizz

    And, of course, the list goes on. 

    However, despite the chorus of groans and complaints as the Australian winter, June, July & August approaches, there’s really no reason to fear the arrival of the most wonderful time of year.

    By adopting a hair care regimen containing ultra-hydrating formulas, infused with nourishing oils, you can keep the bad hair days at bay. But to really get the most out of your hair this winter, you’ll want to follow some practical rules.

    Here’s how you can stave off those common winter woes: 

    Dry your hair thoroughly before leaving the house 


    We’ve all heard it said: Don’t go outside with your hair wet, or you’ll catch a cold.” While avoiding illness is an excellent reason to keep your locks dry, here’s what you might consider a better one – it’ll keep your hair healthy too.

    The reason behind this golden nugget of advice isn’t obvious and almost sounds like an old wives tale. However, it suffices to travel back to second-grade science to understand the why. 

    When temperatures drop below freezing levels, water expands before solidifying. The same applies to the internal and external moisture of your hair. The water crystallizes and expands, physically breaking the hair.

    So, it’s best to wash your hair before bed, or invest in an upscale blow-dryer. Be sure to use protecting spray when using hair tools.

    Turn down the heat 


    Nothing chases away the deep cold of a winter’s day, quite like a super-hot shower or bath. However, while you may feel like you could only benefit from such a warming, blissful, and cleansing endeavor – your hair may disagree. 

    Hot water is drying for your skin, scalp, and, of course, the hair. Not only does hot water strip your hair and scalp of moisture, but it can also cause breakages and even stymie growth.

    To combat these hot shower side effects, it’s best to turn the dial down. Medium to warm temperature showers are recommended and have little to no damaging results. However, if you can’t part ways with your sauna showers, consider wearing a shower cap to protect your tresses.



    Most shampoos are designed to rid the hair of excess oil. However, if its anti-oil powers are regularly applied to the hair, there’s no time for your follicles to replenish their natural oil stores. As a result, hair starts to become brittle and dry from its very roots. Moreover, as mentioned above, it’s best to limit your hair’s exposure to heat.

    Invest in a hat 


    When searching for an almighty solution to dry winter hair, we often overlook the simple yet highly effective things – the most obvious being a hat. 

    No matter what way we style our hair in the morning or how many products we apply, the minute we leave the door, it’s in the wind’s hands. By placing a beanie or cap over your perfectly coiffed mane, you’ll keep each strand in place, and, better still – your tresses will be warm and toasty! 

    Schedule regular trims 


    Winter’s a busy time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself. Book bi-weekly trims pre-winter and keep them firmly etched in your calendar or diary. Then, not only will your hair thank you, but you’ll be ready to take on any winter event or meetup!

    Use the right products 

    When the outdoor climate is cold with low humidity, it’s pretty common to choose richer, more emollient skincare formulas. Well, the same should be true of your hair care regimen. The most effective strategy for closing your hair’s drainage system is to coat your strands in moisture-locking, rich, and organic formulas – regularly. 

    No Sulphates is KEY 

    The best shampoos are the ones that are ‘Sulphate Free’. Sulphate Free Shampoo’s do not strip the natural oils from your hair & scalp. Sulphates can cause scalp irritation, which then causes dryness, itchiness, flaking and that nightmare white stuff “Dandruff’!. Silk Oil of Morocco’s Shampoo range is completely ‘Sulphate Free’ and has been from day one when they started manufacturing! No more white stuff on your black outfits again!

    Cleansed, moisturised and nourished scalp means a great start for your hair to grow!

    Silk Oil of Morocco’s shampoo leverages Argan oil to imbue the hair with softening and healing moisture without drying the hair out. Formulated with sustaining shea butter, the high-quality shampoo could be considered hair food for the locks to gorge on during the fatiguing Winter months. Hair is left feeling manageable, lighter, and protected against frizz, breakages, and dryness.

    Condition, condition, condition 

    Think of conditioning as pouring moisture into your hair and locking it in. By doing this, you’re forming a protective barrier around your hair, staving off damage. In addition, hydrating masks, oils, serums, and leave-in treatments can replenish and revitalize the hair. 

    In addition to being ultra-moisturizing, Silk Oil of Morocco’s formulas are also typically rich in deeply nourishing additives. Their Silk Oil of Morocco Conditioner range can keep your hair feeling silky smooth and controllable no matter what the temperature scale says!


    For a more intense treatment (or in the case of emergency bad hair days,) their Argan REP-Hair Anti Breakage Shampoo, Conditioner & Masque could be the hair care hero that you need!


    Leave-in treatments 

    For the ultimate moisture fix, try Silk Oil of Morocco’s Intense Hydrating Hair Masque. and of course Silk Oil of Morocco’s ‘Best Hair Product’ for 7 years running the Ultimate Moisture FIX Hair & Skin Treatment Serum Oil   not only will this ultra-rich and expert formula turn back the clock on damage, but it’ll also ensure your hair survives everything the winter months throws its way. Guaranteed to wipe away brittle and frizzy strands, you’ll be treated to luscious, lightweight locks that stand brave in the face of frigid conditions!


    Go the extra mile 

    Often, our hair is our crowning jewel and does so much more for our self-confidence than we realize. So, when the winter war rages, we should really do everything in our power to keep it safe, protected, and flowing freely in the wind! 

    In short, your hair is worth it. So, it’s best to invest in something a little extra such as Silk Oil of Morocco’s Argan Anti Frizz Cream. By applying a layer of this life-saving cream before, after, or in-between washes, you can tame your tresses masterfully. The Argan-infused formula works to promote control, moisture while shaving off any pesky fly-away and split-ends. In short, not only will you be blasting your hair with moisture, but you’ll also be keeping it all in order. And we all know that that means more good hair days and less time spent trying to wrangle our mane into an acceptable shape!


    Hold it all together 

    Hairspray is often relegated to the shelf during the winter months. Considered the antithesis of moisture, its use conjures images of harsh breakages, puffy hair, and unparalleled bad hair days. 

    But it’s time to think again; Silk Oil of Morocco have taken an innovative approach to hairspray, tweaking the classic formula for maximum hair health benefits. Combining Soy Protein with Aloe Vera Juice and infusing the already with their signature Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil – this Argan-infused hairspray could be considered a healthy hair remedy. More impressive is the lightweight application and feel stemming from a misty consistency that gently coats the hair. Their pioneering formula is also entirely alcohol-free, eliminating any common hair-drying culprits from the impressive ingredient list.


    Silk Oil of Morocco

    So, who are these hair care wonders who lend their name, expertise, and infallible dedication to the products listed above? Silk Oil of Morocco are a skin and hair care brand that tap into the very essence of what it means to revitalize and refresh. By tapping into the powers of natural, organic, and carefully cultivated ingredients, they skillfully concoct hair care formulas to perfection.

    And just in case you had your doubts, they’ve been the proud (and deserving) winners of the Top Haircare Award for 7 consecutive years! Silk Oil of Morocco makes your hair’s health their business. Understanding that winter can be particularly unforgiving on hair, they run a vast array of ultra-strong and effective hair care products formulated to work with any hair type.


    Final word 
    Winter can be super hard on hair. But, as much as you may want to stop the clock and keep the flyaways at bay – winter, like clockwork, comes around again. Be prepared this year and protect yourself with an army of Silk Oil of Morocco products! Pair these top-markets with the hair regime protective steps above.