The Ultimate Guide to Summer Hair Care

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Hair Care

Summertime in Australia is no joke. Similar to how the sun can damage your skin, your hair can become damaged as well.

Many things can harm your hair, including sun exposure, chlorine in swimming pools, and saltwater. But the most damaging thing for your hair is the hot summer heat. That means it’s essential to take precautions to protect your locks this summer. We’ve created the Ultimate Guide to Summer Hair Care to ensure you don’t lose the gorgeous head of hair you know and love over the winter months.

What happens to our hair in the Summer?
When the harsh Aussie sun beats down on your hair, it causes damage. The heat can make hair dry and brittle over time, causing it to become weak and prone to breakage. The ultraviolet rays in summer can also make your colour fade. This is why it’s so essential to use the right types of products on your hair when the summertime comes around.

Some of the most common problems you might experience with your hair could include:
• Flaky Scalp
• Less Moisture
• Split Ends
• Lack of Shine or Body
• Brittle
• Salt In Hair
• Brassey Hair
• Knotty Hair
• Increase in sweat, increasing the need for hair washing

Step-By-Step Proactive Haircare Tips
While the obvious solution may be to avoid sun exposure, limit visits to the beach, or choose not to swim in the pool, that wouldn’t be a fun way to enjoy summer! Thankfully, you can still enjoy all of your favourite summer activities by being proactive in your haircare and using the right products. Here are the top ways to take care of your hair this summer.

1. Detox Your Hair
One of the best ways to take care of your hair is to use a shampoo that can remove the build-up of chlorine and oily residues that occur during the summertime, such as our Argan Detox Shampoo. This shampoo is infused with Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil containing vitamins, antioxidants, Omega-6, and Omega-9 essential fatty acids, which helps to restore the balance in your hair, leaving you with the soft, silky, and refreshed feeling we all love.

Argan Detox Shampoo

2. Use Hair Treatments
Using specialised hair treatments is a great way to protect your hair from the harsh summer heat. The best part is that you can pick a masque that matches the specific issue you’re facing in the summertime to help revitalize your hair, whether you have a problem with frizzy hair or brittle ends.

For example:

Argan Intense Hydrating Hair Masque - Perfect for frizzy, dry, or over-processed hair that needs deep moisturizing and conditioning.

Intense Hydrating Hair Masque

Argan Rep-Hair Protein Masque - Perfect for broken, weak, brittle, curly, or bleached hair that needs extra protein to improve and strengthen hair resistance.

 REP-Hair Protein Masque

Argan Fine Hair Volume Masque - Perfect for dull, flat, thin, or dry hair that needs some extra volume.

Argan Volume Fine Hair Masque

3. Use A Microfibre Towel
Don’t use a regular towel on your hair after washing and conditioning, as it can stretch and damage the strands. It’s best to opt for a microfibre hair towel instead that will dry your hair without causing any extra tension or pulling on the strands of your fine locks. This delicate hair drying treatment not only provides a faster drying time, but it helps to control hair frizz and damage that can occur with regular towels.

Microfibre Hair Towel

4. Avoid Sulfates
If you’re concerned about protecting your colour, you should avoid using shampoos and hair products that contain sulfates. Sulfated products are harsh and can strip coloured hair of its colour pigments. Combine that with the impacts of the summer sun, and you’ve created a recipe for disaster hair. Instead, it would help if you opted for gentle cleansing without stripping the natural oils from your scalp by using products free of sulfates.

5. Use Large Wide Tooth Combs
Using wide-tooth combs can help reduce the amount of tension you put on your hair, thus reducing the risk of damage. For example, our Silk Wide-Tooth Styling Comb is a detangling and styling tool that works on wet or dry hair to create gorgeous loose waves without damaging your natural curl pattern. You can use it to create beachy waves, messy bobs, or sleek french waves – all with just one tool! Plus, this comb is Curly Girl Approved (and we know how much our girls love their curls).

Detangling and Styling comb

6. Use Thermal And Shine Protection
We already get enough heat damage on the daily from having to use hairdryers and straighteners in our hair. However, when we increase the amount of sun exposure our hair receives every day, this damage becomes even worse. A great way to combat this issue is to use an Argan Thermal Protection and Shine Spray, which helps protect hair from damage caused by heated appliances and provides brilliant shine. The lightweight formula is infused with vitamin E and cold-pressed certified Argan Oil which is known for its richness in vitamins, antioxidants, omega-6, and omega-9 essential fatty acids, keeping your hair shiny and healthy.

Thermal Protection and Shine Spray
Tie Your Hair Up - Keeping your hair up in a bun or ponytail during the day can protect it from excessive sun exposure and help you avoid having to use too many appliances that only add more damage. Instead of straightening or curling your hair, opt for braids, ponytails, and buns for beach days, bike outings, or any outdoor activity.

7. Use Oils & Serums In Your Hair
Natural oils and serums such as Argan Oils can help you achieve shiny hair that is protected from the elements. Make sure to apply them before bed, so they have time to penetrate into your strands overnight or after showering. These natural oils will give your hair a healthy glow while ensuring optimal hydration.
We recommend using our award-winning Argan Hair & Skin Treatment made from 100% vegan ingredients and contains no parabens or sulfates, which means it won’t damage your hair like some other treatments on the market today. This instant shine, moisture-creating treatment provides a smooth, silky finish on your hair that won’t break when brushing. Plus, our serum cuts down heat damage by 50%!

Argan Hair and Skin Treatment

8. Combat Frizz
Are you tired of your hair frizzing up in the humidity? Do you want to tame those flyaways and get a smooth finish without weighing down your hair? To combat your frizz, you’ll want to check out our Argan Anti-Frizz Cream! It’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants that help replenish moisture and hydration. Plus, it contains Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil which helps to keep your locks looking silky smooth all day long. So finally, say goodbye to frizzy hair forever!

Argan Anti Frizz Cream

9. Use The Right Hair Spray
When it comes to summer hairstyles, you want something that will hold up. The problem is most hair sprays are too heavy for the summer sun and use aerosol, which can weigh your locks down and cause hair damage. To prevent this from happening, use a light but strong hairspray like our Argan Hair Spray. You can use this hairspray on any type of hairstyle – whether you have curly, straight, thick, or thin locks. It will keep every style looking fresh all day long without leaving behind any residue. And because it doesn’t contain alcohol, it won’t dry out your scalp or irritate sensitive skin!

Argan Hair Spray
10. Seal Those Split Ends
Split ends are bound to happen during the summer when you’re in and out of the water, but there are ways to repair the damage they create in your hair. A great way to do this is by sealing your ends with an Argan REP-Hair Cream featuring anti-breakage technology. This unique cream works to repair and protect your hair from future damage, leaving it looking shiny and healthy while also working to reduce split ends, breakage, and dryness.

11. Use Leave-In Conditioning Spray
Combating the damage from the sun by using a leave-in conditioning spray is a great way to protect your hair. We love our Argan Leave-In Conditioning Spray for its lightweight formula that will leave your hair feeling soft and hydrated. The best part? You can use it every day without weighing down your locks. Plus, the spray bottle makes application easy! Just spritz some into your hands and run through damp or dry hair to get the most out of this product.

Leave-in Conditioning Spray

12. Use A Treatment Toning Shampoo
The summer heat can be tough on blondes and bronds, leaving your hair looking brassy or yellow. Thankfully, our sulfate-free Argan Toning Shampoo gently cleanses and refreshes your hair colour while preventing brassy tones. It also provides intense moisture and shine to your locks! This combination of aloe vera, macadamia oil, argan oil, and primrose oil offers antioxidants, vitamins, and Omega essential fatty acids. This shampoo is the perfect product for anyone who wants to control the tone of their blonde hair whilst providing hydration!

 Argan Toning Shampoo

Being out in the summer sun is bound to happen as we head into a season of warmer weather, which means we’re likely to see an increase in heat damage to our hair. Thankfully, you can head into the summer with a plan on how to proactively protect your hair so your locks look healthy, shiny, and beautiful by following our tips above.