The Beach Bag Essential Everyone Needs This Summer

The Beach Bag Essential Everyone Needs This Summer

Here's how we're levelling up our next coast trip this summer.

We can’t be the only ones feeling the heat right now, right? It’s hot, sticky, and so humid that all we want to do is throw all our stuff into a beach bag and hit the beach or the pool. If this warmer weather has you chasing the sun, you’ll probably reach for your favourite beach bag (we’re loving this gold Silk Oil of Morocco Luxe Beach Bag tote, which is perfect for fitting all your beachside essentials) and filling it with all your seaside must-haves. For us, this includes a cute wide-brim hat, a fluffy beach towel, and our favourite bikini. Add a cold drink and some light snacks and you’ve got a perfect beach day! But, as we become more aware of the hidden dangers of too much sun time, it might be time to think outside the beach bag.

What summer does to your hair 
If you’ve ever spent an afternoon dipping in and out of waves, sunbaking (with plenty of shade, we hope!), and relaxing on the coast, you probably loved the way the salty water turned your hair into lush, beachy waves. As much as we love effortless, Sophie Monk style, beachy waves, as soon as we get home we can start to see the environmental damage that excessive heat and saltwater can cause hair. Especially hair that is already fragile, such as heat-damaged or colour-treated hair! Breakage, split ends, dull and dry tresses: these are all results of a summer with just a bit too much sun. However, with a few small changes to your haircare routine, you’ll be able to enjoy lush, healthy, and strong hair all summer long, whether you’re escaping to the coast or just hitting the pool!


Chasing the sun? Don't forget the essentials!

How to keep those tresses lush & healthy all summer long 
The first step of maintaining healthy hair this summer is to not overwash. While it’s important to remove any sort of salt, chlorine or dirt buildup, overwashing your hair can strip your hair and scalp of essential naturally-occurring oils. This can leave hair feeling damaged and dehydrated. Opting for a gentle formula, like the ones we love at Silk Oil of Morocco, can help ensure your hair stays clean all summer without excessively stripping those healthy oils.

The Silk Oil of Morocco Sulfate-Free Argan Detox Shampoo has a perfectly balanced formula that’s been specially formulated to gently cleanse and detox your tresses. With a refreshing and nourishing blend of Australian native Quandong extract (a naturally-occurring antimicrobial antioxidant) spearmint, and cold-pressed certified-organic Argan Oil, the formula is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and Omega-6 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids. But what’s not in the bottle is just as important as what is. Not only is the shampoo packed with all the healthy ingredients our hair craves, but it’s also free from nasties such as sulphates, alcohols, parabens, and formaldehyde.

The result? Healthy, shiny, strong hair that can withstand another round in the waves. Assisting in the gentle removal of product build-up, oily residues, and chlorine on the scalp and strands, the formula helps to restore moisture balance that leaves the fair refreshed and smooth.


The extra touch 
For extra lush hair, you can also supplement the Argan Detox Shampoo with the Silk Oil of Morocco Argan Intense Hydrating Hair Masque or the Silk Oil of Morocco Argan Rep-Hair Leave-In Protein Spray. If you’re someone who regularly hits the beach, adding an extra deep conditioning treatment to your routine will be your saving grace this summer!