Hair Care 101: Your Guide To Fixing Dry, Brittle Strands (All In The Comfort Of Your Home)

Hair Care 101: Your Guide To Fixing Dry, Brittle Strands (All In The Comfort Of Your Home)

No salon needed!

Whether your vice is colouring your strands, a lush blowout, or imprudent use of hair straighteners and curling wands (*raises hand meekly*), it’s likely that you wake up some mornings to strands that are dry, dehydrated, and a far cry from the fresh salon locks you sported after your latest hair appointment. Enter: The Silk Oil of Morocco Intense Hydrating Hair Masque

For as long as brands have been shilling damaging products and procedures (such as bleaching and heat styling), experts and beauty gurus have been advocating the use of conditioning hair masks as a way to achieve smoother, softer, tangle and frizz-free hair, while also working as a preventive measure to protect against further damage and breakage. But when you’re presented with a market full of products promising to transform your tresses into lush, healthy locks, how do you determine what to reach for?

This is our guide to choosing the right products to fix your damaged strands.

Why Conditioning Masks?
While shampoos are important for managing our scalp health and a good conditioner helps with the day-to-day manageability of our hair, a good mask should be the MVP in your hair care routine. They act as a shield for our strands, helping to fight against all the gritty, scary pollutants of the world.

Between density, texture, porosity, and general health and wellbeing, we all have a hair type that is unique to us. Wavy, fine, greasy. Dry, straight, frizz. Fine, but thick. Add to that an ever-changing lifestyle of styling habits, chemical treatments, sun exposure, diet, health factors, water quality, and more, and it’s no surprise that it can be challenging to pinpoint the right hair care routine for you.

But, no matter what you’re working with, conditioning (both as part of your regular washing routine and as less-regular intensive masks), is a critical step in maintaining and improving hair health. Opting for products that combine the best ingredients, such as our Intense Hydrating Hair Masque, are a stress-free way to ensure you are doing the best for your hair, no matter what your hair type might be.

The Ingredients You Should Look Out For 

Argan Oil 
Perhaps the hardest working hair care ingredient, Argan oil is celebrated by experts and brands thanks to its hydrating, strengthening, smoothing, and reparative qualities. Thanks to a high content of antioxidants, omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, the benefits of Argan oil include increased hair elasticity, restoration of shine to dull hair, and locks that are more resistant to damage. And it doesn’t stop there. Argan oil is also a powerful antioxidant, UV protector, and free radical neutralizer! At Silk Oil of Morocco, all of our products use certified organic cold-pressed argan oil, allowing you the maximum benefits of this holy grail ingredient.

Aloe Vera 
More than just an epic sunburn soother, aloe vera is also a great ingredient to look out for in your hair products. Aloe vera retains moisture, making it perfect for those needing an extra boost of hydration in their conditioner. Aloe can also help balance your scalp’s PH levels, leading to better overall scalp health! Talk about a hard-worker.

Shea Butter 
Shea butter is one of those miracle ingredients that really pulls their weight. Not only does it help block humidity and control flyaways, but it also helps to promote natural hair growth and prevent breakage. Consider it the triple-threat in your arsenal.

Macadamia Oil 
While we love macadamia oil for its moisturising qualities, it’s also a great option for those wanting to tame frizzy strands. By locking in moisture with a natural protein, macadamia oil helps to prevent fragile, damaged hair from further breakage. If your hair is undergoing a bit of rehabilitation, this is a must.

How To Make Conditioning Masks Work For Your Hair Type

Colour - Treated Hair 
If your hair is damaged as a result of bleach or peroxide, it’s likely the porosity of your strands has increased. Basically, this means your hair will still be able to absorb moisture but it won’t be able to retain it. Deep conditioning with the Intense Hydrating Hair Masque 1-2 times a week (on top of your regular conditioning routine) will help to rebuild the cuticles from the inside out, helping to keep your strands soft and smooth while also fighting against treatment-induced breakage.


Dry Hair 
While dry hair can be a result of a range of reasons (from overusing heat styling products to a reaction in the change in climate), upping your conditioning game can help. While you should opt for a moisturising conditioner (as well as oils and leave-in sprays, for styling), adding a conditioning mask treatment into your routine every other week will help keep your hair shiny and nourished, while also helping protect your locks from drying out. Adjust the frequency to suit your needs.


Thick Hair 
Thick hair needs heaps of hydration to maintain a lush, nourished finish. Applying the Intense Hydrating Hair Masque monthly will help boost your daily maintenance and aid in the growth of strong, moisturised strands. But be warned: scrimping on your daily conditioning needs won’t do you any favours! Keep those strands in-check in-between masks with daily conditioning, whether it’s an oil, leave-in conditioner, or your regular post-shampoo conditioner.  


Intense Hydrating Hair Masque


Depending on your lifestyle, there are two different ways you can use the Intense Hydrating Hair Masque. For wet hair, apply evenly after shampooing & conditioning and leave to process for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. For a little extra indulgence, apply to towel-dried hair and comb through. Leave to process for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

For a well-rounded hair care routine that packs a hydration punch, supplement your routine in-between mask treatments with the Argan Leave-In Conditioning Spray, Argan Intense Moisture Shampoo, and Argan Intense Moisture Conditioner.