Full Moon Crystal Candle - Extra Large
Full Moon Crystal Candle - Extra Large
Full Moon Crystal Candle - Extra Large
Full Moon Crystal Candle - Extra Large
Full Moon Crystal Candle - Extra Large
Full Moon Crystal Candle - Extra Large
Full Moon Crystal Candle - Extra Large

Full Moon Crystal Candle - Extra Large

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This Extra Large elegant candle is hand-poured in Australia, supplied with stunning crystal glassware, comes complete with a Lid and is beautifully boxed to provide the perfect gift for any occasion. Handmade in Australia with hand selected Crystals & Stones selected with love & attention.  Using only the best quality Australian Made fragrances each Candle fills the room with incredible uplifting, gorgeous Australian scent making this candle a perfect addition to your self care routine.

You will fall in love with this Candle with the, high-quality non-toxic Natural Soy wax, Natural lead-free cotton wicks, giving you a Long burning time up to 70+  hours

Crystals: White Howlite, Black Onyx, Obsidian & Rainbow Moonstone
Calm, Soothing, Patience, Clarity, New Beginnings & Opportunities, Protection & Growth

Top Notes: Cardamom & Black Pepper
Middle Notes: Brazilian Redwood, Rose Cypress
Base Notes: Coumarin, Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Cedar & Amber

Please note: Crystals & Stones have been added in a pouch for you to use where ever you so wish. All the Silk Oil of Morocco Crystal Candles are hand selected the Images on the website may differ  

Wax Volume: 450g 15.2 oz ( 3 Wick)

• Natural Soy Wax is blended
• High quality Australian Made fragrances
• Crystals added in Pouch for you to re-use
• Burn for up to 70 + hours
• Lead Free Cotton Wicks
• Made in Australia
• Comes with Lid
• Hand Made
• Non Toxic

THE FIRST BURN - When lighting for the first time, burn the candle until wax melts across the entire surface up to the sides of vessel as this will prevent tunnelling, and create an even burn for the duration of the candle's 'life'. This may take up to 2-4 hours, but we promise it will make your candle last longer.

TRIM YOUR WICKS - We recommend you use the Candle Wick Trimmers before every lighting. The wick only needs to be approximately 6mm in length, keeping it this length will avoid mushrooming which can result in unnecessary soot. This also controls the size of the flame allowing you to get the most time out of your candle

KEEP THE WAX CLEAN - Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times 

HOW TO EXTINGUISH A CANDLE - Extinguish candle with a snuffer, or dip the wick into the melted wax and then straighten wick to prevent smoking and also prevent hot wax from splattering. Do not blow out.

KEEP AWAY FROM WINDY SPACES - Draughts decrease burn time, cause uneven burning, smoking and diminished scent throw.

HOW TO STORE CANDLES - Always store your candles in a cool, dark and dry place. Scented candles also look great stored under a glass cloche, which also protects from dust. Do not allow your candle to burn to the very base of the vessel. Cease burning when there is a 10mm of solid wax left at the base of the candle


Natural Soy Wax - Derived from the soybean. Soy wax is hydrogenated vegetable oil that turns solid at room temperature. Soy wax is natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable. It burns clean and slower than other waxes.

Quality Australian Made Fragrances - To create the idyllic ambience and beautiful long lasting aromas.

Quality Lead Free Cotton Wicks - For a clean and even burn.

Are the Silk candles made in Australia? Yes

What is the approx burn time on each of the Silk candles? Large candle approx. 70+ hours, medium candle approx. 38+ hours

Are the Silk candle wicks lead free? Yes they are Natural lead-free cotton wicks, for a clean and even burn

Is the wax used in the candles natural? Yes, the Silk Candles are made from the Oil of the Soybean vegetable NOT Paraffin Wax

Are the Silk candles biodegradable? Yes they are unlike paraffin, soy wax is water soluble and can be cleaned with hot soapy water if spilled

Do the candles burn clean or smokey? Soy is clean burning, meaning it will not stain or blacken home surfaces

Can a candle go out of date? No not really please make sure you store in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight

Are the fragrances used in the candles essential oils or synthetic fragrance oils? To ensure the best performance possible in your candle range, our candle fragrance oils are designed and developed in Sydney, Australia and are completely vegan and cruelty-free. As the are produced specifically as a candle making and soap making supply, they are synthetic in substance to ensure the best performance when used in soy wax. Many of our fragrance oils do contain a high percentage of essential oils for an accurate and natural scent. Silk fragrance oils are non-toxic and do not contain palm oil.

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The Extra Large Full Moon Candle is a Show Piece!!

With the Large Black Onyx & Howlite Tumbles, you cant help but admire this Candle. It is so elegant.

Rated 5 out of 5
Value For Money
Rated 5 out of 5
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The fragrances infused across all Silk Oil of Morocco’s products are sublime, leaving you and your home with a delicate scent. Floral to fruity and everything in between.