Why The Humble Hairspray Might Actually Be The Most Important Product

Why The Humble Hairspray Might Actually Be The Most Important Product

When it comes to our hair, it’s worth remembering that not all oils are created equal.

As one of the first oils to really make a splash in the beauty world (thanks largely to its rich vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants), Argan Oil has quickly become a staple ingredient in every step of our beauty routine. For softer, healthier and more manageable hair, Argan Oil is our go-to.

Why Argan Oil?

An age-old beauty secret with countless uses, Argan Oil’s high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E help to increase hair’s elasticity, protect from UV damage, and restore shine and lustre to dull hair. Plus, the vitamin E content in Argan Oil is particularly important as it helps to neutralize hair damage from free radicals. Because even if we don’t realise it, our hair undergoes a lot of damage as a result of chemical treatments, heat tools, and even everyday pollution. Vitamin E helps to keep hair follicles free from damage while also working to prevent splitting and breakage. While we’re all familiar with how easily Argan Oil can be used as a conditioner, deep treatment, or frizz-smoothing oil, did you also know that it can be used as a hairspray? Naturally adding shine and smoothing frizzy flyaways, Argan Oil offers plenty of benefits for those who want to style their hair a little extra in the mornings.

Silk-Oil-of-Morocco-HairsprayA new style of hairspray

Silk Oil Of Morocco’s Argan Hairspray is our idea of a holy grail styling product. The lightweight, fine mist provides a medium hold with instant shine and volume and can be used for everything from creating undone, textured waves to sealing in up-do hairstyles. It can also be used to prep your locks before styling, both to minimise heat damage and provide a foundational grip for braids and other up-dos! If you’re blessed with natural curls, the Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil that is infused in the spray can help protect your locks from humidity and frizz, resulting in beautifully shaped curls. Our Argan Hairspray contains no alcohol and is aerosol-free.

However, this isn’t your standard hairspray. What makes the Argan Hairspray your secret weapon is the fact that, unlike most hairsprays, it won’t leave a tacky, flaky, or crunchy feeling on your hair! The lightweight spray has been carefully formulated to leave hair soft and shiny, with enough movement and flexibility for a natural, everyday look. The spray is also aerosol-free, meaning it's good for both yourself and the environment! The spray is further enriched with soy protein and aloe vera juice that help to protect and strengthen your hair even as you style it. Because at the end of the day, the health of your hair is everything and it is vital to use products that ensure your hair remains in peak condition. Not just the final step of your hairstyling routine, the Argan Hairspray can help to protect against heat styling and breakage throughout each step of the styling process.

Oh, and did we mention the deliciously soft and shiny finish it leaves on your hair? Instantly lush and silky, it’s just as good at adding some extra life to slept-in tresses as it is at sealing in a styled look! And with all the other benefits we expect of Silk Oil Of Morocco products - non-aerosol, alcohol-free, and vegan-friendly! The Argan Hairspray is easily one of the most versatile tools in our beauty bag. If you haven’t already added Argan Oil to your hair routine, go ahead and try it out. It will give your hair the TLC it needs (and deserves).