Top 3 Ways Winter Damages your Skin & How Argan Oil can Prevent them

Top 3 Ways Winter Damages your Skin & How Argan Oil can Prevent them

Winter is a wonderful time of year. Even its begrudgers would admit that there’s some beauty in snow, celebration, and warming up after a long cold day. However, all of these delights come at a price, and that price tag comes in the shape of dry skin.

Why does our skin get drier during the winter months?

To understand why winter has become synonymous with anti-moisture in the skincare industry, we’ll first have to learn a thing or two about how the skin works:

The intricacies of the skin

The skin is an intricate, multi-layered organ that responds to both our inner and outer environment/health. Starting from the top, you’ll find the epidermis. This protective barrier is formed from lipids and dead or dying cells. The purpose of the epidermis is to keep out any harmful exterior particles or toxins while retaining moisture. Moreover, it’s what you or I see when we look in the mirror, leading it to be considered the primary indicator of skin health. 

How dry skin affects our physical appearance

When we hear the adjectives dewy or glowing used to describe someone’s skin, in reality, they’re commenting on how healthy, and moisture-rich the epidermis looks. Going further still, you’ll find the epidermis topped with a resilient primary barrier between the body and the environment known as the stratum corneum. Together, the epidermis and stratum corneum are the power team that stands in the way of you and dehydrated skin. Penetrating down, you’ll find several other vital skin layers that store and distribute moisture. 

But why winter?

While you might expect that the arid heat and glaring sun of the summer would be the skin’s biggest enemy, truth be told, the conditions of winter are much more anti-moisture.
As we turn up our heating systems to combat the frigid outdoors, we inadvertently push the moisture out of our rooms, leading to a drop in humidity. This low humidity air effectively wicks the water from your skin in an attempt to return to equilibrium. Here are some changes you might notice in your skin during this time:
However, the drying effects of winter are not limited to the indoors. As you venture outside into the blustery weather, you’ll find that the wind and biting cold makes your skin feel parched and tighter. This is because water loss accelerates in lower temperatures, and the wind helps to carry the moisture droplets away from the skin.

The main side effects of dry skin in the winter 

Dead, energy-zapped skin 

You may have already experienced one of the well-known side effects of dry skin listed below:
  • Flaky, rough texture 
  • Cracks in skin 
  • Itchiness
  • Redness 
  • Peeling skin 
  • Skin infections

If so, you know that the mirror can become an enemy on those tiresome winter mornings as your skin appears limp, blotchy, and uneven.

Silk Oil of Morocco Dry SkinSpeed up the aging process 

While the immediate result of harsh winter conditions on the skin may be bothersome, the long-term effects are much more alarming. If the skin remains dry for prolonged periods, the natural cell cycle may be hindered, leading the skin to age prematurely. Moreover, essential nutrients and vitamins cannot rejuvenate the skin if there isn’t sufficient water for them to dissolve in, leading to the onset of potentially adverse skin conditions.

Provoke chronic skin conditions

Aggravation of any pre-existing skin condition such as eczema and psoriasis is also common. Moreover, extreme dryness can provoke the onset of skin conditions such as xerosis cutis, which is the medical term for abnormally dry skin.

What Can be Done to Combat Dry Skin in Winter?

Fortunately, we can help our skin to stave off the moisture zapping effects of the winter. While many swear by multi-step moisture-packed skincare routines, truth be told, only one step is necessary. Instead of purchasing numerous moisturizers, creams, balms, and any other such product, there’s a catch-all, multi-purpose oil that can penetrate to the very bottom layer of your skin.

Introducing Cold Pressed Certified Organic “Argan Oil”

Tucked away in the arid southern plains of Morocco is the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa L.). For centuries, the oil extracted from the seeds of this lush, hardy tree was used by locals in food and for medicinal purposes. However, as the skincare industry learned of the beneficial properties of oils, Argan Oil rose to the top of their must-have list. Since then, Argan Oil garnered an industry of its own which was valued at a mind-boggling $223.9 million as of 2019.

Having found its way into many up-market, carefully cultivated skincare formulas over the years, you may be surprised to learn that its extraction process is still entirely manual. Attempts to mechanize the extraction process proved futile, meaning that local workers still crack the Argan tree kernels open and extract the oil using their hands. A knock-on effect of this uniquely manual approach is that the Argan oil industry is deeply intertwined with local life, leading to increased opportunities and financial aid for the area. 2.2 million people are now employed in the Industry in Morocco and growing

Cold Pressed Certified Argan Oil

Argan Oil Is Sustainable

Perhaps less known still is the environmentally-friendly nature of the Argan oil industry. Through its very constitution, the Argan tree provides food, shelter, and protection from desertification in a region increasingly threatened by the perils of global warming and encroachment. Moreover, the canopy of Argan trees also provides shade for other agricultural products, and the leaves and fruit provide feed for animals.

The Cosmetic Purposes of Argan Oil 

In its natural form, Argan oil is highly concentrated and potent. As a result, it’s generally mixed with a carrier oil to lessen its strength. Contained within its vicious and aromatic texture is a wealth of contains carotenoids, polyphenols, ferulic acid, squalene, steroids, and vitamin E – all powerful antioxidants and fantastic for skin health. More impressive still is that Argan oil has been known to display anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and fungicidal properties, which can help to soothe skin and alleviate the symptoms of skin conditions.

How Argan Oil Can Help Keep Your Skin Hydrated In The Winter Months 

However, since we’re focused on keeping skin hydrated, it’s best to look at Argan oil’s 25% squalene content. While squalene might not be on many skincare connoisseurs’ skincare radars, it’s built to be a miracle worker. Squalene has the rare asset of being able to mimic the skin’s natural oils. By doing this, it can leverage its similar structure to not only gain access to the skin quickly but also seep through every layer. This effect supplies the skin with even, thorough hydration, and it also limits any harmful side effects that tend to arise when potent oils are applied to the skin. More impressive still is that Argan oil also works by imitating human steroids to help restore the function of skin cells, meaning that the aging process can be slowed and, in some cases, reversed! Cold pressed certified organic Argan oil is also loaded with Omegas
In short, Argan oil is built to stave off the harsh conditions of the winter. One application of this moisture-packed oil onto any area that’ll be exposed to the winter’s attack, and your skin will feel silky smooth all day long. In addition, Argan Oil’s ability to permeate the entirety of the skin means that overall moisture content is higher. So, rather than simply moisturizing the top layer of the skin, Argan oil can plump the skin through moisture alone, leading to a younger, more fresh, and natural look.

How Can I Use Argan Oil?

Following the trend of bucking trends, Argan oil is one of the only skincare ingredients suitable for all skin types. This versatility means that there’s a wealth of Argan product options available to you. Anything from Argan Soap to Argan Bath Bombs can be the perfect way to inject some moisture-rich Argan oil into your daily routine. It’s also worth noting that baths and showers can be incredibly drying for the skin, so including Argan oil in your washing rituals can offset this dehydrating effect. 
However, since winter skin requires the utmost care and attention, it may be best to opt for the 100% PURE Argan Oil treatment. Silk Oil of Morocco have this PURE Argan Oil Treatment available in 5ml to 200 ml sizes. By rubbing this oil into your skin first thing in the morning and just before bed, you secure flawless protection for your Skin. 
You can even incorporate Argan oil’s benefits into your beauty routine by using the Silk Oil of Morocco ultra-hydrating Antioxidant Argan Primer. And it doesn’t stop there, Argan oil is also infused in the Silk Oil of Morocco Argan Body Washes and Argan Body Creams to ensure that every last bit of your skin receives the hydrating care that it deserves.

Argan Oil Winter Dry Skin products

If you’d like to pick up all these products in one place, here’s how:

Silk Oil of Morocco

Silk Oil of Morocco is an Australian-based skin care company dedicated to the cause of Argan Oil. Over the space of 11 years, the undeniable pioneering and committed spirit of their team have garnered unparalleled expertise, which has naturally resulted in growing brand recognition and customer satisfaction across the globe.
With a focus on Professional Hair Care, Skin Care, and Mineral Cosmetics, their team have tapped into the very life-giving essence of Argan oil to infuse it into their sublime, top-quality products. And fortunately for their customers, they offer a wide array of innovative products, making them the one-stop-shop Argan oil needs! Infusing their cold pressed certified organic Argan oil into several carefully mastered beauty formulas, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of every last potent drop. Why not get started with one of their skin hair value packs to keep both your tresses and your skin in the best shape this Winter?

Final Word …

There’s a reason why Argan oil is gaining a reputation as a therapeutic healer the world over. It’s natural, plentiful, and brimming with everything our body needs to thrive. It only makes sense that it would be the perfect asset to our winter skincare routine. With its life-giving and moisture-positive properties, it can not only protect your skin but also help you to feel fresh and ready as you take on the harsh winter months. Make Winter skin a thing of the past and introduce Argan oil products into your life – you’ll never look back!