Strobing is The New Contouring

Strobing is The New Contouring

It's finally time for contouring to take the back seat

Let another fabulous makeup trend take the spot light!.. get it.. light? Awful puns aside, let me introduce you to contouring’s newest replacement, #Strobing. What is strobing you ask? Well for one, it’s so much easier to master than its friend contouring. In fact all it is, is applying highlight to the highest points of your face. It is the way of the future and Silk has the best product for the job! Enter… SILKS ARGAN BODY SHIMMER 


Argan Body Shimmer


Create a bright complexion by mixing Silk Argan Antioxidant Primer with a little body illuminating powder. Mix together and apply generously, all over your face.


Once your skin is glowing in light-reflecting pigments, apply Argan Cream Compact Foundation to your face. HOT TIP: I like to use a second Argan Cream Compact that is 2 shades lighter than my skin tone to highlight under my eyes, forehead, bridge of my nose and chin.


Set your foundation with a light sweep of Argan Mineral Powder along your t-zone. Please, please, please resist the urge to matte out your entire face! I promise it will pay off.


Start #SilkStrobing by highlighting the high points of your face. Using a large Silk fan brush apply Argan Powder Illuminator to the high points of the cheeks sweeping upwards towards the temple. Sweep down the bridge of the nose, across the chin and on the tip of the nose. Then use a small Silk fan brush or a Silk eye shadow brush to apply Illuminator to the brow bone, inner eye and cupids bow.

FINISH the rest of your makeup.
And there you have it, perfectly glowing, #Strobed skin!
Silk Oil of Morocco Strobing vs Contouring

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