Wig Stand

Wig Stand


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Silk's Wig Stand is recommended to neatly hang and display your wig when not in use

Take care of your wig by always brushing after use and hanging on your Wig Stand so it's ready to go the next time you wear it.

  • Prevents wig from tangling

  • Helps wig maintain shape so it is ready to be worn again

  • The perfect place to hang your wig to dry after washing

  • Collapsible/portable - easily moved & stored

  • Help your wig to breathe so it looks and feels fresh

  • Can be used to hold wig while styling

Assembly: There are 3 components to the Silk Wig Stand, first take the two largest parts and secure them together to make the base. Then click the circular part on top to complete the stand. The stand can be easily dismantled and rebuilt at any time.



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