Natural Stone Jewellery Display - 1.2kg - G
Natural Stone Jewellery Display - 1.2kg - G

Natural Stone Jewellery Display - 1.2kg - G


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Elevate the presentation of your cherished jewellery pieces with our exquisite range of jewelry display stands. Designed to enhance the beauty of your favorite and most frequently worn jewellery items, these stands are a fusion of elegance and functionality, made from genuine natural stone.

*Please note - Jewellery in picture is NOT included.
The Images taken represent some of the stone.. however each Stone is unique and is hand cut therefore the shape, weight & Size is close to the image but not exact

  1. Dressing Table: Place our stunning natural stone displays on your dressing table to organize and showcase your daily wear jewellery. It adds a touch of luxury to your morning routine.

  2. Special Occasions: For those special occasions, use the stand to display the jewellery you plan to wear. It not only keeps your pieces organized but also adds an elegant touch to your vanity.

  3. Gift Giving: These display stands make wonderful gifts for loved ones, allowing them to display and enjoy their jewellery collection in style.

SIZE: 150mm x 100mm - Flat, no grooves
WEIGHT: 1.2 kg



Over 90% of Silk Oil of Morocco products are proudly manufactured in Australia. Using naturally derived and certified organic ingredients wherever possible Silk Oil of Morocco products are cruelty and vegan friendly.